No Bake Layered Cherry Parfait and Fancypants


I’m obsessed. This dessert has it all:


Graham cracker crumbley–check.
Blended frozen cherry saucy thing–check.
Juicy, ripe dark cherries–check.
Cool Whip–check, check, check!


BTW, does anyone else think about that Family Guy episode where Stewie and Brian argue over the pronunciation of Cool Whip?


Ahem, I mean Cool Hwhip.


I think my favorite part about this dessert is how fancypants it looks when secretly, it’s not. There’s no baking involved.  That fancy looking glass–it’s plastic :) Even the name–parfait–is kind of a sham. I don’t actually know what is technically required so as to be called a “parfait,” but hey–if McDonalds can have it on their menu, I can certainly call this one.

Here’s how you construct this beauty:


Step 1: Lay down your crumbly graham cracker “crust.”


Step 2: Spoon in some of your cherry sauce.

Step 3: Drop in a few halved cherries.


Step 4: Add a generous dollop of Cool Hwhip.

And repeat!
IMG_5893 IMG_5904 IMG_5895 IMG_5896


I finished off the final layer with the halved cherries.


Ta-da! Perfection in a glass.


These are fantastic just straight like this. But MOH preferred the frozen version (just stick it in the freezer for an hour). The Cool Hwhip takes on an ice cream consistency and the graham cracker crumble has time to soak up the juices from the cherries.


I , on the other hand, was never one for waiting.


No Bake Layered Cherry Parfait
(Makes two generous servings)

6 full graham cracker sheets
1/4 cup melted butter
2 cups frozen cherries
1 tablespoon white sugar
1 cup pitted cherries, halved
Cool Hwhip

1. Crush graham crackers and add melted butter. Set aside.
2. In a blender, add your frozen cherries and sugar. Splash in a little water if needed to blend, but consistency should be thick.
3. In a clear glass, layer your graham cracker crumble, then cherry sauce, then halved cherries, then Cool Hwhip. Repeat until glass if full.
4. Enjoy immediately or stick in the freezer for one hour for the extra chilled version!

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  1. huntfortheverybest · · Reply

    oh yum, the cherries in syrup look delish!

    1. they are! and cherries are in season, so you can probably find them easily :)

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