Another quickie, but a goodie. This is probably my favorite breakfast and my definite go-to most days. Start by buttering a pan and dropping in a slice of bread. Then, pull the bread out and quickly add more butter and place the non-buttered side of the bread back in the pan. This is just my […]


Hi all–just a quick recipe post today. Things are getting BUSY here, but of course, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been baking. These are perfect to eat on the go. The flax and oats bump up the nutritional value, while the brown sugar and banana keeps them plenty sweet and moist. Does the jam and […]


So, to tell the truth, I’m not a big kid person. Is that a terrible thing to say? I mean, sure I think kids can be cute, but you have to admit–they can also be loud, whiney, selfish, and, let’s be real, germ-infested. I think it’s the last one that really gets me. How am […]


It’s almost Halloween–you know what that means. Any excuse to use these orange-colored bad boys. (Also, please excuse the sad state of my Oreos bag. I didn’t maliciously attack my bag in a desperate attempt to release these addictive-as-crack cookies from their plastic chambers. The the tab opening thing just did not work, I swear). […]


(Uh, did you guys know it’s called brusselS sprouts and not brussel sprouts?? MIND. BLOWN.) Do you tend to read what is written on a bottle of body wash? I usually do. I think it comes from years of being trained to read the back of cereal boxes. It didn’t matter that it was the […]


AKA Spaghetti with garlic and oil (and peperoncino= pepper). This, my friends. This is a mountain of garlic-infused carbs. It’s crazy how something so simple can be SO delicious.  I didn’t really grow up eating pasta, but I did love this dish called kimchi bokkeumbap. Otherwise known as kimchi fried rice. Like spaghetti aglio e olio, […]


Hold onto your hats. I declare these the best. cookies. of. all. time. You will need to pop up a quick batch of kettle corn. It’s okay to sneak a few bites–I won’t tell. There is NO way this won’t end well. You know sometimes when you just have a fat day? I’ve been having […]


Yeah. Things are about to get a little out of control. I was talking to my mom on the phone and the dishwasher was going in the background. She asked, what’s all that noise? and I responded, oh it’s the dishwasher. To which she said (pretty disdainfully, I might add), I always hand wash my […]


Ahh potatoes. Why are they SO. TASTY. And you can have them in so many ways! You can boil potatoes. Broil it. Bake it. Sautee it. Pan fried. deep fried. stir fried. There’s baked potatoes, loaded bake potatoes, fried potato pancakes, french fries, steak fries, string fries, baked potato soup, potato stew, hash browns, tater […]


Did I ever tell you guys about my brief stint as a thieving criminal? I tell ya, I had a lot of promise. Unfortunately, my career was cut short by some highly trained and talented law enforcement personnel. Namely, my mother. Let me set the scene for you: I’m seven years old. Rocking my light […]


When I tell people I go to law school, a common response is: “Oh, you must like to argue then.” Two years ago, I would have thought that was a totally unwarranted stereotype. Now… I know better :) I don’t LIKE to argue, but but if I’m gonna do it, I like to do it […]


If you’ve been to my site before, you have probably noticed by now that I do not stick to one type of food on my blog (and I say as much in my About). I love learning about and trying all kinds of food, including raw food. My favorite raw food guru is Kristina. She […]


Recently, something very troubling has happened to me. Like most things, it started off innocuously enough. And slowly over time, ever so gradually, it started getting worse and worse. I am talking about, of course, the dreaded Desk Butt. What is Desk Butt? Glad you asked. Desk Butt is the result of prolonged, daily sitting–sitting […]


“What’s your blood type?” Believe it or not, this was a question that I received on the regular while living in Korea. Koreans believe that there is a correlation between your blood type and your personality. Here’s the cliff notes version of what each blood type indicates about you. Blood Type A: The “Farmers”–Reserved, introverted, […]


Not to get all Seinfeld on you guys, but what is UP with the sympathy card section? My friend has recently suffered a loss. All I wanted was a card to communicate  that I was here for her. And that she should be free to feel however she wants to feel. Most of all, I […]


(Apologies in advance for the terrible quality of these photos. I took these at night, which means harsh kitchen fluorescent lights + clueless Susan re: flash photography.) I’ve seen a couple different ways to braid round challah, but this is the easiest and most straightforward method that I could find.  The recipe for the chocolate […]


So I know I’m a little late to the game, but, man those child stars, huh? I don’t follow celebrity gossip that closely, but even I’m no fool. Justin Bieber. Britney Spears. Miley Cyrus. Amanda Bynes. Lindsay Lohan. The Olsen twins. They all started off as adorable, innocent children or tweens and somewhere along the […]


I am a naturalized citizen. I was born in Korea, came to the States when I was 30 days old and became a U.S. citizen when I was 13 through my parents. My parents had to jump through a lot of hoops to become American citizens. Because they didn’t speak English very well, they went […]


Cupcakes or cake? There’s that age-old question. I think I’m always a bit puzzled by people who prefer cake to cupcakes. If done right, a cupcake is a bite sized, self-contained vehicle of delicious cake with a perfect ratio of decadent frosting–no utensils required. No muss, no fuss. Plus, cupcakes are so dang cute! So […]


Fig. Brioche. Sticky. Buns. Streusel. Topping. I am clearly trying to slowly kill you with too many good things in one baked pastry. Have I mentioned my obsession with figs? I think next to fresh blueberries and ripe stone fruit, figs are my all time favorite fruit. Have you guys been watching Orange is the […]


I love baking yeasty breads. Not to be overdramatic, but I think all the answers to life can be found in baking a yeasty bread. I was watching one of my favorite cooking shows and the chef mentioned that baking with yeast requires four things: Water. Food (usually, sugar). Warmth. And time. I think you […]


Are there words you have only read but never heard out loud? Having non-English speaking parents, this was a common experience for me growing up. The most embarrassing experience I had happened in college.  I was in a forensic psychology class and we were discussing Megan’s Law (the one requiring that information on registered sex […]


Can you tell I have an overabundance of basil right now? In the past week, I made savory pizza (with basil) and bruschetta. I had seen strawberry-basil as a flavor combo but had yet to try it. This is the easiest recipe ever. For me, summer doesn’t officially end until September, so you have 11 […]


What is your earliest childhood memory? Some people swear they remember events as early as two, but I’m skeptical. My earliest memory is when I was 4, but even then it’s partly because I have seen photos commemorating the event. When I was in preschool, there would be a little party for each kid’s birthday. […]


It has come to my attention that men do not want to be described as “nice.”  Apparently, “he’s nice” is code for “he’s ugly” or “he’s boring” or “he’s-my-39-year-old-balding-cousin-and-we’re-really-worried-he’s-going-to-die-alone-so-please-go-out-on-one-date-just-one-tiny-date-okay?”  (Apologies to my 39-year-old single balding male readers). What about women? I would think women would be equally put-off by being called “nice.”  For me, it […]


Do you call these Russian tea cakes or Mexican wedding cookies (or snowballs or polvorones)? When I gave these to MOH, he said, “Oh, these are sandies!” Me: *Blank stare* Cultural gaps, yo. Well, whatever you call them, all you need to know is that these cakes/cookies are like a super soft and crumbly shortbread […]


Hey guys, guess what? I’m a Supertaster! A co-worker brought in a test today that lets you know if you’re a supertaster. Basically, you put a piece of paper on your tongue. If it tastes like nothing, you’re a non-taster. If the paper tastes bland or mildly bitter, you’re a regular taster. And if it […]


Why are cinnamon rolls so. damn. delicious? Oh, I know why–it’s because they involve 26 pounds of butter, 26 pounds of sugar, and take 26 years to make. -____-  Do you guys sense a theme? Yesterday was MOH’s* 26th birthday and like a proper FFK** he requested cinnamon rolls instead of a birthday cake. *MOH= […]


You know what the first sign of getting old is? Thinking about getting old. Seriously, during high school and college, I never thought about being old. Sure, maybe I would think “wow, time flies–I can’t believe high school was four years ago” or something along those lines, but I didn’t connect it to the larger […]


Things have been crazy around here! I finished up my summer in LA and am back in the bay area…still working, though. With the looming BART strike, things feel even more unstable.  I have a lot of shizzzz in my life to attend to at the moment, so I’m gonna keep this pretty brief. These […]


I love the detail of the lace, but I think the 3/4 sleeves and length of the dress gives it a “grandma” feel–in the best way possible. Lace lavender dress from Zara Accent belt from Zara Crystal pearl bracelet from JCrew Alex & Ani initial bracelet Nude “Carolyn” Tahari slingbacks Last week was Restaurant Week […]


I seem to have an ever-growing Nutella recipe collection. I’m okay with that. This is UNREAL Nutella Molten Chocolate Lava Cake because it’s so delicious, it’s unreal. Oh, and it’s a nutella molten chocolate lava cake. In the biggest endorsement I could possibly give, MOH thought it was the best thing I had ever made–and […]


Online dating: Pro or con? Pros: Meet new people beyond your circle Get some intel on them before meeting (availability, likes/dislikes)–and yes, they can lie but so can people you meet at bars, clubs, bookstores, etc. Easier to approach or avoid than in person If things don’t work out with the rando, doesn’t pollute your […]


Apologies for my hiatus. Things have been B-U-S-Y! But in a good way. I call this “Rustic Biscotti” because this excuses the imperfections in the final product (sort of like calling a tiny apartment “cozy”). And there are two ways–actually, there are a million flavor combinations you could do, but I did a vanilla bean […]


This is a twist on one of those pinterest recipes that I had seen floating around. It is super delicious, full of carbs and apples, topped with cinnamon sugar, and unbelievably easy, mostly because you “cheat” and use those canned pilsbury crescent rolls. ‘Murica in a pan. Ahh, this picture just screams America, doesn’t it? […]


Two things: 1. I hadn’t intended to blog these, so there are no photos of the baking process. But never fear–I more than make up for it with photos of the finished product! 2. These don’t have to be fake vegan cookies–mine are because I used regular chocolate chips, which presumably have some milk. But […]


Have you all read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg? I highly recommend it. Her message is unequivocal: Women need to “lean in” and apply themselves fully in the workplace. Too many of us leave before we actually leave. That is, we withdraw from important projects, opportunities to lead, and commitments to our co-workers in anticipation […]


(Doesn’t this photo look like a still life painting?) Start with clean, dry apples. I found that two apples filled one baking sheet. Lop off either end of the apple Slice your apple through the core and as thinly as possible. Some people choose to core the apple, but I love the star shape it […]


Last weekend, MOH and I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This is what I wore. Sperry Top-siders White ankle pants by Banana Republic Top from Banana Republic Gold medallion necklace from random jewelry shop in Korea Sturhling wind-up watch Dooney & Bourke leather crossbody bag And here are some photos from our […]


The Quiet Baker nominated me for the Liebster Award! I am so honored. Here are the rules: Rules for accepting a Liebster Award: The award is given by bloggers to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set you. Choose eleven new bloggers to pass the award […]


Summer is here, which means we law students get to try our hand at actually working in the real world. This is our time to test ourselves–am I really cut out to be a lawyer? What kind of law do I want to do? Will I like my co-workers? And of course, the most pressing […]


Fresh strawberries from the Farmer’s Market. Is it just me or are these insanely beautiful? Even though these are delicious as is, I felt the need to make something equally beautiful involving strawberries in baked form. Two problems: 1. I didn’t know what to make. 2. I only had one hour. Well, first things first, […]


My LA home has a Vitamix blender, and it has brought much culinary joy and happiness to my life. One of the things I had always wanted to try was to make my own nut butter. So here goes! Add your almonds into your blender. Although the official Vitamix recipe says to use oil, rumor […]


Working full time is TIRING. No joke. I have much greater respect for those who have been doing the 9-5 for a while now. I mostly just come home and face plant on the floor for about 30 minutes. Then I slowly peel myself off the floor to brush my teeth in a zombie-like state […]


A while back, I wrote a post about my skillzzz in cutting fruit. Last week, I bought a pineapple and thought, hey, it might be helpful to show people how to do this. So, here’s a video showing you how to do just that! Enjoy your pineapple! My favorite way to eat pineapple–with li hing […]


Protip: There are sometimes “bonus photos” at the very end of the post after the recipe (like here). Scroll all the way down to see my old and new phones! For the past two years, I have been using a relic of the past, also known as a dumb phone, a Samsung Intensity II. Friends […]


This past week I visited the beautiful island of Oʻahu for my friend’s wedding. Despite having to fit into a bridesmaid’s dress, this did not hold me back from enjoying the eateries that the lovely state had to offer! Marukame Udon  Line seems daunting but it moves quickly. Ordering is cafeteria-style–order up front, pick up […]


Straw hat from H&M White lace top from Forever 21 Black bandeau bikini top from Target Denim shorts from Forever 21 Aviator sunglasses from Target Swiss legend South Beach watch Alex and Ani initial bracelet Puka shell necklace from Hawaii!


That. That is icy watermelon goodness in a glass. Sweet, light, and refreshing–perfect for summer! All you need is a lime, watermelon, and blender! (And maybe a little sugar) The Lime and the Watermelon. Sounds like the title of a children’s book. Nothing says summer like watermelon. For me, summers meant swimming at the community […]


Is there anything more comforting than a PB&J sandwich? Perhaps these PB&J muffins. Forget about Beyonce and Jay-Z–this is a match made in heaven. And for that matter, is there anything more American? After college, I spent two years teaching English in Korea on a fellowship program. Technically, I was a “cultural ambassador.” This translated […]


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